XMPP Ariadne Proof Utility

This utility allows you to upload and manage Ariadne proofs in your XMPP account.

Ariadne Identity proofs allow you to verify your XMPP account and prove that it is yours and not created by an impostor. This utility is compliant with the Ariadne Identity spec (work in progress).

Ariadne Identity proofs are references to a cryptographic key, this could be a fingerprint or the URL to a Keyoxide profile. 3637202523e7c1309ab79e99ef2dc5827b445f4b and https://keyoxide.org/test@doip.rocks are both valid proofs.

Connect to your account

Also known as your Jabber ID (JID)

How it works

This utility logs in to your XMPP account and creates a new public pubsub node (if it doesn't exist yet) dedicated to Ariadne Identity proofs. You are able to create new proofs and remove existing proofs. There's a button to reset the pubsub node for troubleshooting and even the possibility to remove the pubsub node if you no longer wish to use proofs.


Privacy information

This utility runs entirely in the browser, connects directly to your account and does not store or share your credentials or data with any third party.

About this utility

This utility is open source and maintained by Yarmo.
It's a modified version of the XMPP account exporter utility by Matthew Wild.

Built upon open-source projects including Converse.js and Simple.css.